Wirewords academy is the industrial skill development training wing of UniSync Technologies, a key player in the industrial automation arena.

Wirewords was born out of a problem.

Though we have an ever increasing number of fresh engineering graduates of any discipline in this country, core engineering companies are finding it ever more difficult to fill up their vacancies for technical jobs.

The reason behind this is a widening gap between the skill sets of our graduate engineers and what the industry expects from them in terms of skills and technical know-how.

As a player in the core engineering domain, UniSync Technologies has come across this problem more and more over the years. It came to a point where it was literally impossible to hire a fresh engineering graduate, no matter what his or her academic history, for the sheer lack of skills that the automation and process control industry demands.

The same is true with every other company in the core industrial arena.

This situation leads to a plethora of other problems, like the huge levels of unemployment among fresh engineers and the socioeconomic problems that it generates.

Wirewords academy’s answer to this problem is to bridge this gap in skill sets. We understand the student community and their worries. From our industrial background, we understand the needs of the companies.

We fill the gaps left out by the university curriculum and equips the students with what is necessary to deliver their services to the core industries. All of this through systematically planned and executed course curriculum, delivered by industry experts.

Wirewords academy acts as a finishing school. We start where your engineering curriculum stopped and take you right through to the real world engineering scene.